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Security Surveillance – AdvanceGuard

security surveillanceAdvanceGuard®

Security Surveillance

The AdvanceGuard high definition radar security surveillance solution is an innovative alternative to high-cost manned guarding and provides a reliable, low cost solution that delivers continuous automatic perimeter surveillance. From small sites to large complex compounds, AdvanceGuard provides the most comprehensive security surveillance system available. It is ideal for applications such as airport surveillance, critical national infrastructure and commercial installations. The all-weather radar system detects, tracks and identifies the exact location of any threats. By detecting both inside and beyond the perimeter, it can identify potential intruders before they can enter the site at any time of day or night.

AdvanceGuard Security Surveillance Systems

AdvanceGuard’s radar technology provides superior detection over other available Perimeter Intrusion Detection technologies.

As a fully automatic system, operators are alerted with warnings or alarms when there is a potential, or actual perimeter breach. Detecting threats before the perimeter is breached, or reporting suspicious behaviour allows your security team to prevent breaches before they occur. As your operators are only alerted to real threats they remain alert and effective.

All alerts are displayed on a single screen using the witness Sentinel display, giving you full, real time situational awareness of incidents on your site and allowing you to direct your security team to intercept any intruders.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog
  • Rain and spray
  • Snow
  • Darkness
  • Smoke and hot gasses

Incident Types

  • Inside AND outside the perimeter
  • Slow or fast vehicle detection
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Critical point protection
  • Controlled Zone/Restricted Zone (CZ/RZ) capabilities

See videos of Perimeter Intrusion Detection in action...

AdvanceGuard Automatic Surveillance

AdvanceGuard - Automatically tracking a man behind a fence

AdvanceGuard protecting Bristol Airport

How AdvanceGuard protects your Critical Site

Perimeter Intrusion Detection SystemClick to zoom in

AdvanceGuard Brochure

“Intuitive, Comprehensive and User Friendly”

Ease of Use

Once installed, AdvanceGuard is managed though an intuitive graphical interface. Zones with different security levels can be quickly defined or modified with a few clicks of a mouse. Similarly rules that define threatening behaviour can also be created, and combined. These can include a wide range of parameters such as speed and direction of movement, areas visited, time taken, days of week and number of repetitions of an action. Behaviour determined as threatening will be automatically categorised and actioned as a rule defines. Actions can include directing the most appropriate camera(s) to automatically track and/or set alarms. There are 3 user privilege levels.

The administrator has complete control and can define rules and zones. A supervisor role can modify a sub-set of the system parameters, for example, temporarily disarming a zone, or changing the system to a different operating mode. The operator access level provides everything required to efficiently use the system. It typically takes just 2 hours of training for a user to be able to use the system effectively to its full capability.

The Best Tracking Available

AdvanceGuard has the best tracking available today. Hundreds of objects can be shown on a plan view display which are categorised according to easily configurable rules and attributes such as size, speed and direction. Objects just 25cm apart can be separately identified, and the fast update rate of the HDR sensors allows their positions to be updated in real-time. All system activity, including a running history of tracks, threats and alarms is written to a single, central database.

Recalling historical tracks is an important feature for operators

  • Shows where a target has been
  • Shows where a target could be hiding
  • Displaying the trail quickly identifies the threat to other operators
  • Enables evidence to be quickly documented
  • Auditing of security resources
Low False Alarm Rates

A security system’s false alarm rate has an optimum value. Too many false alarms, result in the operators losing trust in the system and in some cases disabling it altogether. Too few false alarms, and operators can forget defined procedures. In a typical installation, the sensitivity of the system is set so that there is, on average, one false alarm per radar per day. Users have reported that this gives the optimum performance, both in terms of detection and response. When evaluating security technologies, the false alarm rate is an important specification that many manufactures choose not to state.

Automatic Operation and Camera Control

Once commissioned, AdvanceGuard operates automatically, detecting and tracking targets. If the solution includes cameras, AdvanceGuard optimises the use of available cameras according to current threats. No cameras need be restricted to a particular area of view, cameras can operate independently or be grouped to perform functions such as all following one target or intelligently searching for targets. An operator can also use ‘view now’ to select one area and assign a particular camera(s) to a task. In the case where there are more targets than cameras, by the default the system timeshares between them, but this can be changed by the operator to focus on a single target if required. Compared to manually operated systems, controlled by shifts of operators with an abundance on cameras, the AdvanceGuard system requires significantly less manpower and cameras to operate.

Cost Effective

Many perceive radar security as an expensive technology that is difficult to implement. AdvanceGuard is different !. Our solutions are similar in cost to other technologies such as cameras, fences and passive sensors. When factors such as on-going maintenance and labour costs are considered, the AdvanceGuard solution often comes in with a lower total cost of ownership, with the benefit of 100% coverage.

Scaleable and Configurable

An AdvanceGuard system is fully scaleable. There can be any number of radar sensors and cameras controlled by the AdvanceGuard software running on industry standard servers. After commissioning, the system can be modified by adding or removing individual sensors or cameras. This could be required to accommodate changes to buildings or infrastructure.

3rd Party Integration

Many installations are interfaced to other systems to provide the user with a total site solution. To enable this, AdvanceGuard can be easily integrated with third party applications through a straightforward XML messaging interface.

Compatible with 3rd Party Cameras

After an object is detected, cameras are automatically controlled to follow one or more objects. The coverage area of individual cameras can be defined, as well as camera behaviour. In the event of multiple detected targets per camera, a configurable time sharing method is used.AdvanceGuard communicates directly with the camera or encoder and sends native commands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. Only cameras that support absolute positioning can be used. For cameras that cannot be controlled in this way, we can provide alternative alarm interfaces such as relay contacts or data messages over Ethernet, offering the flexibility to integrate with third party devices, such as Digital Video Recorders, or sophisticated security management system applications. We would be happy to consider different cameras depending on your preference.

Supported Cameras

Camera MakeFeatures
Any ONVIF Compliant CameraONVIF
360 Vision Predator / Thermal / TC100Pelco D Protocol
360 Vision Predator HD / Thermal / TC100SDK over IP
360 Vision Centurion / Centurion HDSDK over IP
360 Vision Dome VR HDSDK over IP
Axis P5635-E PTZ DomeONVIF
Axis Q6045-E Mk IIONVIF
Bosch MIC 400/412/550/612Pelco D Protocol
Bosch MIC 7000ONVIF
Bosch Autodome 7000ONVIF
Bosch VIP X/VIDEOJET EncoderBosch SDK
Dallmeier Panomera TopLine S8ONVIF
Dallmeier DomeONVIF
FLIR PT-SeriesSDK over IP
FLIR 606ZSDK over IP
Ganz(CBC) C-All View (Thermal/Dome)OCP Protocol
HIK Vision Dome x36 HIK VisionSDK
Honeywell ACUIX DomePelco D Protocol
Honeywell ACUIX IP DomeIntellibus
Honeywell HDZ302LIKONVIF
JVC TK-676 / TK-686JVC Protocol
Opgal DualSec / Accuracii XRPelco D Protocol
Panasonic WV-SUD638 (x45)ONVIF
Pelco Spectra IVSDK over IP
Pelco Esprit TIPelco D Protocol
Pelco ES5230ONVIF
RedVision X-SeriesONVIF
Silent Sentinel AeronONVIF
Sony SNC-WR632 (30x)ONVIF
Videotec UlissePelco D Protocol
Camouflaged Sensors

AdvanceGuard’s standard sensor colours are a white radome with a blue magnesium alloy base. For applications that require a less conspicuous approach, our radar sensors can be supplied in a wide range of finishes including the world renowned Realtree® camouflage range, wood grain and stone. Whatever your requirements our sensors can blend into the background. Alternatively, you may see a benefit in highlighting the use of AdvanceGuard on your site, in which case the sensors can be supplied in plain or patterned colours of your choice.