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Customer Journey

  • Demonstration
    Your customer journey begins with a demonstration. Our permanent demonstration facility near London provides an ideal location to see the capabilities of our technology. This is available at any time, and can be visited in person, or remotely over the internet. Alternatively, we can demonstrate our solutions at your site and discuss your specific requirements.
  • Site Survey
    Navtech Radar’s highly skilled project delivery team would carry out a thorough site survey. A discussion detailing the best possible combination of radar sensors will be had, outlining what coverage can be achieved and which sensors would be used, allowing the engineers to produce a bespoke solution exactly matching your requirements.
  • Proposal
    At this stage you will see our final proposal. This will include everything that will be supplied with the illustrated performance data.
  • Installation
    Though Navtech do not typically provide civil works, we have a number of trusted integrators who would install the system. Alternatively we can work with your nominated contractors or system integrator, helping them at every stage to ensure a successful installation.
  • Commissioning
    Once the system is installed, our system engineers will fine tune it for maximum performance and help the operators create and manage alarm rules.
  • Acceptance Testing
    Only when you are satisfied will we submit the system for testing and final approval.
  • 10 Year Support
    Our commitment to the product and technology is at least 10 years. We offer full support throughout the life of the system.