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Automatic Incident Detection in tunnels

Radar for tunnelsClearWay is a radar-based Automatic Incident Detection (AID) solution which provides unrivalled detection rates and situational awareness in tunnels, proven in both tests and real-world deployments. (See Case Studies). It can enable events to be detected and resolved before they can escalate into major incidents.

Critical infrastructure such as tunnels present designers and operators with particular safety and congestion challenges because they tend to funnel and confine traffic. This makes fast, reliable detection and clearance of incidents especially important. In the case of tunnels, there are particular issues relating to light and visibility. Video-based AID has set the standard for many years now and it is still considered by many to be the only practical solution. In fact, video encounters some appreciable challenges when operating in a tunnel environment.

ClearWay is effective in all weather conditions,  including snow, ice and fog. It is unaffected by natural or artificial light, including variations near tunnel portals. Poor environmental conditions, like smoke and sandstorms, would usually defeat video based detection technologies, but radar is unaffected.

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