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Solar Farms

Security for solar farms

Solar FarmsWith the rapid expansion of the renewable energy sector throughout the world, solar energy installations are on the rise, but the technology it uses is expensive and highly sensitive to damage, theft and intruder activity.

AdvanceGuard prevents access into premium and sensitive installations like solar farms by providing detection and the rapid alerting of suspicious activity or unauthorised entry. Furthermore, because there are often other physical obstacles in these environments, other less capable radar systems will not track people in and around them.

With extremely low false alarm rates, reliability can be assured and on-site guarding can be deployed to patrol and control any incident efficiently and effectively.

AdvanceGuard can be configured to provide detection well before a breach into a critical zone. It reduces the requirement for physical boundaries, while the extensive detection range results in far less infrastructure, lower maintenance costs and power consumption, as well as fewer cameras. All of these feaures lead to both economic and environmental benefits.

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