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Security for reservoirs

ReservoirsLand-locked water features such as reservoirs invariably provide long line of site and are ideally suited to long range scanning systems. They are often, moreover, attractive landscapes in their own right, favouring unobtrusive security solutions and the avoidance, where possible, of unsightly fencing and other physical barrier systems such as floating booms.

Where reservoirs run adjacent to sensitive installations or real estate, the need exists for intelligent, robust and sympathetic security solutions, making AdvanceGuard the perfect security protection.

The AdvanceGuard radar scans over water with extreme accuracy, helping to prevent access into sensitive or high-security areas by alerting and detecting all suspicious activity or unauthorised entry. The system can be be configured to provide detection well before a breach into a critical zone.

Providing protection against criminal, terrorist or vandal movement, AdvanceGuard offers a high performance, comprehensive and reliable solution for wide-area critical site surveillance, unmatched by other systems.

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