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Security and automation for railways

Radar for trainsThe unrivalled range and resolution of Navtech Radar’s sensor combined with its ability to set multiple detection zones makes our AdvanceGuard solution the logical choice for detecting intruders in cluttered environments such as railways.

AdvanceGuard can be deployed for wide area detection across the entire width of a track and, if required, into neighbouring areas as well. Each sensor can scan hundreds of metres of track with high accuracy. Where necessary a PTZ camera can be used in combination in a cue-to-slew arrangement. In this configuration AdvanceGuard will detect and track intruders and automatically command a camera to follow them in real-time as they move throughout the site. Radar alarm information from multiple sensors can be networked back to a single point and presented on one display.

Another common requirement within the railway industry is for reliable obstacle detection systems. These are not only invaluable for conventional manned locomotives but also increasingly for autonomous operation where a train is moving at low speeds, typically at 20 to 30 kph. A scanning radar is installed onto the locomotive as part of our SafeGuard series to detect pedestrians, slow moving or stationary trains and foreign objects on the line ahead. The high resolution of our radars, both in range and azimuth, allow objects on the track to be distinguished from those to either side and outside of the track gauge. The SafeGuard processing and interface software is designed to support high availability on either Linux or QNX platforms.

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