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Prison Security

Security for prisons

Prison BuildingsPrison security requires rigorous 24/7 surveillance not just of access to unauthorised areas but the movement of smuggled goods and items into secured areas. Navtech’s AdvanceGuard solution can offer timely, highly effective detection of escapees and people approaching the perimeter, preventing the illegal movement and concealment of packages into the courtyard for collection by inmates. Integrating video with radar, AdvanceGuard enables manned guards and surveillance operatives to be alerted even when the slightest movement is detected, auto-training cameras onto the suspicious area for rapid scrutiny.

Because radar is completely unhindered in zero light, precipitation and even the most adverse weather conditions, the AdvanceGuard prison security surveillance solution is extremely reliable. The system can be configured to provide detection in prisons well before a breach into a critical zone actually occurs. With extremely low false alarm rates, reliability can be assured and on-site guarding can be deployed to patrol and control any incident efficiently and effectively.

AdvanceGuard’s distributed architecture allows sensors to be placed anywhere. This ensures that even the most obscured areas of a prison are covered. Matching the range of the sensor to the line of sight, enables complete coverage that is cost effective and fault tolerant. It is a highly intelligent security system that provides continuous automatic surveillance of large areas, both within and outside perimeter fences.

AdvanceGuard completes a full 360 degree scan several times a second. During each scan every object is accurately positioned and displayed to the operator. The sophisticated tracking algorithms, follow  the movement of each object to provide speed and direction information. The combination of high definition radar sensors and advanced real-time statistical processing gives AdvanceGuard the ability to more accurately detect, track and identify objects than traditional low frequency radars.

AdvanceGuard’s flexible choice of sensor, results in far less infrastructure and maintenance costs than alternative technologies such as cameras and video analytics. This leads to both economic and environmental benefits.

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