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Power Stations

Security for power stations

DSC09806bPower stations are national assets and their security is of strategic importance. The capabilities of AdvanceGuard are ideally suited for this specific application. The system has a greater capability over land or water than all other security technologies, even in the poorest weather, lighting and environmental conditions. Designed specifically to help prevent access into sensitive or high-security areas, AdvanceGuard can change detection areas for different times of day, and in so doing increases the coverage and monitoring at, or even beyond, the perimeter. This option is available for both day and night time surveillance.

With unrivalled performance in minimising false alarm rates, reliability can be assured and on-site guarding can be deployed to patrol and control any incident efficiently and effectively.

The system can be configured to provide detection well before a breach into a critical zone occurs. And because the ‘perimeter’ of a detection area is effectively predefined within the system’s software, it need not be a ‘fixed line’, making AdvanceGuard the ideal security partner in protecting complex real estate configurations, such as power stations.

Reducing the requirement for physical boundaries, AdvanceGuard’s superior detection range minimises the requirement for infrastructure, reducing maintenance costs, power consumption and number of required cameras. The economic and environmental benefits of this are obvious.

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