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Automation for ports

PortsThe container port industry widely uses Navtech Radar’s SafeGuard industrial automation solution for quay crane anti-collision on ship to shore cranes, as well as for the security of stock and material. Furthermore, bulk loaders use the same radar to prevent costly collisions between loader and ship, even in the most challenging dusty conditions.

Reliable obstacle detection is an important part of operating any outdoor industrial machine, even more so when the machine is automated. Navtech Radar sensor’s have been in use for many years now for navigation on automated straddle carriers in ports, as installed at Fisherman’s Island, Brisbane, Australia. This was the world’s first fully automated straddle carrier port and relies on Navtech’s radar for all year round reliable operation. Navtech’s radars are also installed at The Port of Botany, Australia. See video.

For security and surveillance, the sensors will detect accurately and reliably in rain and fog as well as across water, where other early warning detection systems are invariably less effective. The SafeGuard solution is a combination of scanning radar and processing software, to provide obstacle detection and tracking in defined areas around a machine. A straightforward design and interface to the machine controller reduce the commissioning effort and the time taken to provide the vital protection needed. Navtech’s track record in the container port industry is highly regarded, and by us highly prized.

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