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Collision Avoidance at Pilbara Harbour, Australia

Collision Avoidance at Pilbara Harbour, Australia

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In Pilbara Harbour, Australia, the work environment is very challenging with high temperatures, blustery winds and dust. Using Navtech Radar’s SafeGuard solution, the operators of the conveyer belt iron ore loaders now have a much easier job. Andrew Pasquale, Consultant at LogiCamms Ltd (Australia), and Stephen Clark, Technology Director of Navtech Radar’s SafeGuard Division, who have collaborated in the installation of the SafeGuard Solution give us the inside story behind this leading technology.

The Navtech SafeGuard system comprises a high frequency radar sensor and a software system called Witness. The Witness software receives radar data directly from Navtech I-200 scanning radar and interprets it to detect and track objects within user-defined areas of operation. Alert messages can be sent to the machine controller to enable corrective action to be taken. Various interface options are also available.

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