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Oil and Gas

Security for oil and gas installations

Navtech oil and gasAdvanceGuard radar security surveillance solution is the perfect solution in the flat featureless real estate found around critical infrastructure like oil and gas installations. AdvanceGuard can be powered by solar panels or wind turbines, and configured with wireless communications.  Furthermore, because there are often other physical obstacles in these working environments, such as pipelines, fences and manifolds, other less capable radar systems will not track people in and around these objects.

Combining advanced radar technology, CCTV and integrated intelligent software, the AdvanceGuard is a compact, high performance, continuous 360 degree-scanning radar sensor solution that has been designed for operation in some of the most demanding regions of the world.

Housed in a lightweight rugged enclosure with an industrial network interface, the solution is easy to use and integrate as part of a multi-radar security surveillance system. Offering a 25cm – 50cm range resolution, it is ideal for applications that require cost effective, high resolution sensing. The ability to operate in all weather and environmental conditions such as rain, snow, dust, sandstorms and fog make this ideal in the most rugged, industrial applications. Very low transmit power moreover ensures safe operation in any location.

All of these features, combined with the optional factory upgrade for explosion-proofing, make these units the perfect security partner for the challenging environments faced by the petrochemical industry.


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