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Automatic Incident Detection on motorways


ClearWay is a radar-based Automatic Incident Detection (AID) solution which provides unrivalled detection rates and situational awareness on motorways as proven in both tests and real-world deployments. (See case studies) It enables events on highways to be detected and resolved before they can escalate into major incidents. Increasing traffic volumes on strategic roads and major arterials, the advent of traffic management strategies such as Managed Motorways and Hard Shoulder Running (MM/HSR), makes rapid detection and response increasingly important from both safety and congestion perspectives.

A high frequency radar can scan hundreds of metres of road surface both with and against traffic flow. ClearWay provides excellent long range detection and situation awareness, whilst maintaining extremely low false alarm rates.

Navtech Radar technology can monitor the entire width of a motorway or detect on a lane by lane basis. Single lanes may be chosen to alert operators to incidents whilst ignoring the normal traffic flow on adjacent lanes. The radar scans through 360 degrees with a total range of up to 700/1000 metres across multiple lanes of traffic.

ClearWay is effective in all weather conditions, including snow, ice and fog. Poor environmental conditions, like smoke and sandstorms, would usually defeat video based detection technologies, but radar is unaffected.

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