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Private Property and Estates

Security for private property and estates

VIP EstatesAdvanceGuard is a low environmental impact radar security solution for private property and estates.  The AdvanceGuard surveillance solution avoids the erecting of physical barriers or digging up lawns and other visually attractive features, to lay cables. It is unobtrusive, respectful of privacy, offering continuous 360 degree scanning whilst eradicating the requirement for constant monitoring of CCTV images.

AdvanceGuard’s distributed architecture allows sensors to be placed anywhere. This ensures that even the most obscured areas are covered. Matching the range of the sensor to the line of sight, enables complete coverage that is cost effective and fault tolerant.

The AdvanceGuard surveillance system combines the capabilities of radar with a sophisticated, highly intuitive and user-friendly software interface. It has a greater capability over land and water than other security technology even in poor weather, lighting and environmental conditions.

AdvanceGuard helps prevent access into sensitive or high-security areas by providing detection and rapid alerting of suspicious activity or unauthorised entry. This can be configured to provide detection well before a breach into a critical zone occurs. Eliminating the requirement for physical boundaries and other infrastructure, combined with lower maintenance costs, low power consumption and with fewer cameras, AdvanceGuard leads directly to financial, economic and environmental benefits.

Whether you need to prevent casual passers-by from taking a shortcut or would-be vandals, thieves or terrorists, AdvanceGuard offers a high performance, comprehensive and reliable solution for wide-area site surveillance which is unrivalled at its price in the market.

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