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Traffic safety on bridges

Traffic monitoring on bridges

Bolte Bridge3The ClearWay Incident Detection Solution for bridges provides reliable Automatic Incident Detection (AID) for stopped vehicles, unauthorized pedestrians, lost cargo and debris. ClearWay offers reliable 24/7 early warning and has been proven to have extremely low false alarm rates. (see case studies).

Navtech Radar technology can monitor the entire width of a bridge or detect on a lane by lane basis. Single lanes may be chosen to alert operators to incidents whilst ignoring the normal traffic flow on adjacent lanes. The radar scans through 360 degrees  with a total range of up to 700/1000 metres across multiple lanes of traffic.

ClearWay combines the reliability and precision of radar technology with highly sophisticated analytical software to provide reliable real-time alerting. Fast incident verification and response time enables the control room and emergency services to respond immediately before the event escalates into a major tragedy.

ClearWay is effective in all weather conditions, including snow, ice and fog. It is unaffected by natural or artificial light and poor environmental conditions, like smoke and sandstorms, would usually defeat video based detection technologies, but radar is unaffected.

The solution provides Automatic Incident Detection (AID) with a very low false alarm rate and fully automated camera control. The unobtrusive and compact design is easily installed. This lowers installation costs and associated civil work.

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