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Airport and Runway Surveillance

Airport and Runway Surveillance

Airport SecurityThe AdvanceGuard radar security solution for airports and runway surveillance is robust and effective in all weather and environmental conditions. AdvanceGuard can potentially also be a major cost-saving in situations where manned security is currently deployed.

With 360° continuous detection up to a range of 1600 metres, Navtechs radar’s are the perfect solution for airfield and runway surveillance. Multiple sensors can be networked back to a single base station and display, with distributed architecture for complete coverage.

The AdvanceGuard solution is currently providing security at over 20 airports worldwide and growing. Reference sites include Alghero Airport in Sardinia, Katowice Airport in Poland, and UK International Airports. Navtech Radar were also commissioned to supply the solution for East Midlands Airport for ATC surface movement. See case studies.

Our AdvanceGuard airport perimeter surveillance solution combines the capabilities of radar technology with a highly intuitive, user-friendly software interface. AdvanceGuard has a greater capability over land than other security technologies, even in the poorest weather, lighting and environmental conditions.

With extremely low false alarm rates, reliability can be assured and on-site guarding can be deployed to patrol and control any incident efficiently and effectively.

Whether you need to prevent casual passers-by from taking a shortcut or would-be vandals, thieves or terrorists, AdvanceGuard offers a high performance, comprehensive and reliable solution for wide-area critical site surveillance.

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