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Our Mission

As a company with a solid reputation for quality products and customer service, our mission is to be the leading supplier of radar technology-based solutions for wide area security surveillance, highways incident detection and industrial sensing, providing bespoke solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Guiding Principles

Navtech Radar strives to ensure the best interests of our clients are served through the continuous pursuit of innovative technology and operational expertise. All of our business relationships with clients, suppliers and employees rest on a foundation of trust and honesty to ensure the best customer service possible.

Navtech Radar’s vision, strategy, goals and values are the substance of our company. They serve as the roadmap for our achievements and the targets by which we measure our performance each year. As a company, we are committed to driving strategic growth, creating an inclusive culture, enhancing productivity and providing our clients with innovative solutions, support and assurance.

Message From the Directors

Navtech Radar has dedicated the last 15 years to developing world-leading products for industrial sensing and security. It is apparent that this technology is coming of age and provides significant advantages over alternative solutions; our leading role as innovators places us in an enviable position to be supplier of choice for a range of solutions based on our proven technologies.

Philip Avery, Managing Director
Navtech Radar

Navtech engineers have earned a reputation for designing clever technologies, but much more importantly, we are acknowledged for applying them. Our success is based on the partnership of innovative technology and solutions-focused experts. Because we understand the different markets that we work in at the end-user level, we know how radar can offer our customers long term reliable solutions.

Stephen Clark, Director
Navtech Radar