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History of Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar Limited was founded in 1999 by Philip Avery and Dr Stephen Clark.

Philip Avery’s involvement with millimetre wave radar originally dates back to 1992, when systems were developed as navigation sensors for container handling vehicles in stevedoring applications. This technology was then used in 1993 to successfully demonstrate the first automated port vehicle to use millimetre wave radar.

In 1996 Dr Stephen Clark started further research into the uses of millimetre wave radar at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics in Sydney. Philip Avery joined him there in 1997 and together they worked at improving the reliability and repeatability of the hardware, turning a working prototype into a reliable industrial sensor.

After expanding the focus to other applications and markets, the first clients in 1999 were the end users and OEM manufacturers of outdoor automated industrial machinery in the mining and stevedoring industries. These clients were running vehicle automation programs that relied on robust sensing technology, also known as field robotics.

Navtech’s client base has since increased, making Navtech Radar a world-leading designer and manufacturer of commercial millimetre wave radar for three main market areas. These include Wide Area Security Solutions and Intruder Detection, Highways Monitoring and Incident Detection and Industrial Sensing for Collision Avoidance and Automation. All of which require a reliable sensor application, designed to operate all year round in all climatic conditions.