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Company Profile

Navtech Radar’s solutions are all designed, manufactured and supported from our factory in Oxfordshire, UK. We place high priority not just upon technical excellence, but upon the quality of our service. Customers worldwide can expect our experienced team of engineers and consultants, who make it their business to understand your commercial and operational needs, to work closely with you in order to solve your specific requirements.

With strong emphasis on technical innovation and design, much of our product development has evolved out of client requests for bespoke product features, with clients benefiting from talking directly with the inventors of our award-winning technology.

Our products have contributed to a number of “world firsts” including the first driverless straddle carrier container port, surveillance radar for security and airport surface movement, as well as radar-based road tunnel monitoring systems.

Navtech technology is making an impact on safety and security all over the world, from the avoidance of traffic collisions, the protection of national or critical installations such as airports and data centres to minimising industrial incidents. New applications for our products are being discovered and proven all the time. We can quickly tailor our technology for your needs. Contact us and we will arrange a meeting at your convenience to demonstrate our products and to discuss your individual requirements.