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ClearWay Sensors for Automatic Incident Detection

ClearWay ™ – Automatic Incident Detection (AID)

The Navtech ClearWay Solution Automatic Incident Detection Solution

ClearWay sensors are used predominantly for Automatic Incident Detection (AID) on highways, bridges and tunnel safety or efficiency improvement applications. The solution provides Automatic Incident Detection with a very low false alarm rate and fully automated camera control. The radar operate in all weather conditions and light levels, including fog, smoke, rain and snow. Each radar covers up to 1km of road across multiple lanes and is virtually maintenance free, minimising the overall cost of ownership.

The unobtrusive and compact design is easily installed, requiring just 2 connections for power (24V) and data. This lowers installation costs and associated civil work. The emitted power is approximately 3% that of a mobile phone, and the typical mounting height is 4-5 metres above the road surface enabling improved visibility over multiple lanes. For complete peace of mind we offer the NavCover+ support plan.

ClearWay Sensors

  • CTS350-X Sensor

    The mainstream sensor in our ClearWay range for Automatic Incident Detection on highways, bridges and tunnel applications. The CTS350-X sensor has a maximum detection range of 500m. In applications requiring multiple sensors, line of sight considerations mean that sensors are typically placed every 500 to 700 metres to achieve optimum coverage. CTS Sensors complete a full 360° scan four times a second with range resolution of just 17.5cm.

  • CTS350-i Sensor

    The inverted CTS350-i is specifically designed for roof mounting in tunnel applications where a central position to the lane is required. Our designers will select the correct model for your application and will discuss the various mounting options available.

  • CTS175-X and CTS175-i Sensor

    Offering the same award-winning technology as the CTS350 sensor, the CTS175 complements the ClearWay range for maximum flexibility and enables a more cost-effective solution for shorter range applications. The sensor provides AID coverage in both highways and tunnels for 175-metre in both directions, ideal for applications where line-of-sight is limited.

SpecificationClearWay CTS
Operating Frequency76 – 77GHz
Range Resolution17.5cm
Azimuth Beamwidth1.8°
Measurement Rate400 per rotation
Elevation BeamwidthSpreadbeam
Field of View360°
Safe Working Distance (from radome)0cm
Data ConnectionGigabit Ethernet
Power Requirements24 Watts
Mounting Height4-5 metres
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
PatentsPatent No.: GB 2 518 344
International Application No.: PCT/GB2014/052018
EnvironmentalIP 67BS EN 60068-2-52:1996 Test Kb Severity 3
ComplianceCE Marked EN 301 091-2V1.3.2 EN301 489-3V1.4.1 EN301 489-3V1.9.2
IEC 60950-1 IEC 60950-22

ClearWay CTS Models

Indicative Range500m500m175m175m
Update rate4 Hz4 Hz4 Hz4 Hz
Mounting OrientationUprightInvertedUprightInverted

ClearWay CTS350-X & CTS175-X Dimensions

ClearWay CTS350

ClearWay CTS350-i & CTS175-i Dimensions

ClearWay CTS350 i