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ClearWay Benefits

ClearWay ™ Automatic Incident Detection

“Improves Safety and Traffic Flow”

Low False Alarm Rates

The ClearWay system’s false alarm rate has an optimum value. Too many false alarms, result in the operators losing trust in the system and in some cases disabling it altogether. Too few false alarms, and operators can forget defined procedures. In a typical installation, the sensitivity of the system is set so that there is, on average, one false alarm per radar per day. ClearWay operates with a “heartbeat” system health check facility which informs the operator if the system is fully functional to build confidence. Users have reported that this gives optimum performance, both in terms of detection and response. When evaluating incident detection technologies, the false alarm rate is an important specification that many manufacturers choose not to state.

All Weather and Light Level Operation

Detection technologies that rely on light or infrared, are hindered by adverse weather conditions or highly variable light conditions such as glare. In fact a well known thermal camera manufacturer states on their website “Just like it is impossible to give a simple answer to the question “How far can I see with a thermal imaging camera?”, it is equally impossible to say how much shorter the range will be in foggy or rainy conditions.”

ClearWay’s radar technology is different. Our stated specifications are not impacted by weather or light. ClearWay detects incidents whatever the weather. With more accidents occurring in fog or snow, ClearWay delivers detection when it is most needed.

5 Year Service Interval with No Interim Cleaning Required

ClearWay’s radar sensors utilise the highest quality components. Each sensor has a design life of at least 10 years. To maintain optimum performance Navtech recommends a preventative maintenance service is completed at 5 year intervals. This procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes and can be performed at the roadside.

During normal operation the sensors are maintenance free as no cleaning, re-calibration, or adjustments are required. For complete peace of mind we offer the NavCover+ support plan.

Fast Response Time and Automated Alarms

The most important attribute of an alarm is that it is valid. Some systems raise alarms before they have been validated, which results excessive false alarms and users losing trust in the system. ClearWay has a refresh rate of 4 times per second and builds a statistical model that validates the alarm is genuine before it is raised. In normal operating conditions this occurs in as little as 5 seconds.

Accurate Vehicle and Pedestrian Tracking

ClearWay accurately locates and tracks objects within its coverage area. It can differentiate between lanes and and provides data about each object. This includes size, speed, direction and location. The ClearWay solution raises alarms when it detects vehicles that have stopped or are travelling at abnormal speeds. It can even raise an alarm when it detects a vehicle travelling in the wrong direction.  When the operator responds, traffic flow and safety are maintained. Pedestrians on a highway or in a tunnel are a danger to themselves and other road users. Clearway also detects pedestrians and raises alarms so the operator can take the appropriate action.

Cost Effective Coverage

The total cost of ownership of the ClearWay system includes the sensors, software, and service. The system has a design life of at least 10 years and, apart from the 5 year service, is maintenance free. Although the sensors have a coverage of 1km, with line of sight considerations they are typically positioned at ~500m apart on open highways, and ~300m apart in tunnels. When all factors are considered ClearWay out performs other technologies on cost and on performance. Contact us today to find out how your project can benefit from ClearWay technology.

Easy to Configure, Rule Based Alarms

ClearWay is easy to configure through its intuitive user interface. Alarms are rule based and can be set up on individual incidents occurring such as a stopped vehicle or they can be more specific such as a stopped vehicle in a particular lane or zone. There can be multiple rules based alarms and multiple zones. Operating profiles can be set up and switched at the click of a mouse to respond to contraflows or maintenance situations. The ClearWay software is designed and created by our own award winning design team.  It can be easily integrated with other systems via a simple XML interface.