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Automatic Incident Detection for Tunnels

ClearWay ™ – Automatic Incident Detection for Tunnels

Automatic Incident Detection for TunnelsClearWay is an important component for Automatic Incident Detection for tunnels. An incident in a tunnel is always serious. Even a non-hazardous incident such as a broken down vehicle or debris, can lead to a more severe secondary incident. The speed of detection is paramount in maintaining safety. The detection system needs to raise an alarm that is trusted by the operators in just a few seconds. If the false alarm rate is too high, trust in the system is quickly lost. The ClearWay Automatic Incident Detection raises for Tunnels solution alarms in as little at 5 seconds, and delivers an optimal false alarm rate of just one per sensor per day.


Despite the best planning and safety systems, accidents happen. In a tunnel, the effects are magnified and disastrous. Quickly after an incident occurs, the temperature rises, lights go out and the sprinkler system engages. Traditional technologies such as CCTV, are quickly rendered ineffective as images are masked by smoke or failure of the lighting system. Thermal technologies, while good at detecting hotspots, have very limited performance through hot gasses or water spray from the sprinklers.

Radar technology is different. The high frequency 77GHz signal can penetrate complete darkness, the thickest smoke, fire and even the mist from the sprinklers. The ClearWay Automatic Incident Detection for tunnels solution provides situational awareness of your tunnel under the harshest of conditions.

Situational Awareness Brochure
EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE 2004/54/EC on the minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network, mandates Automatic Incident Detection for tunnels over 500m with a control room.

The more time that goes by, the more likely the situation could turn into a major incident. By providing an immediate alarm, operators can take the necessary action to make the situation safe and keep the traffic flowing. For tunnel operators ClearWay helps achieve the EU 2004/54/EC compliance.

Safety Requirements

Why Radar is the Preferred Automatic Incident Detection System in the Rennfast Tunnels

A report written by an highly respected and well known consultancy, Multiconsult, who evaluate alternative technologies for tunnel monitoring and conclude radar to be the best option. The report provides an objective view with an overview of the project.

Full Report