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Automatic Incident Detection for Highways

ClearWay ™ – Automatic Incident Detection for Highways

Automatic Incident Detection for highwaysClearWay is the perfect solution for Automatic Incident Detection for highways. ClearWay provides unrivaled detection rates and situational awareness, as proven in both tests and actual deployments. It enables events to be detected and resolved before they can escalate into major incidents. It combines a high-performance radar sensor unit with a sophisticated analytical software suite. ClearWay is extremely accurate; operational systems have demonstrated a false alarm rate of one 1 per radar per day, a feature which strengthens operator confidence.

Each ClearWay sensor scans 360°, 4 times a second and covers up to 1 km of road length. All lanes in both directions can be covered by a single sensor. As ClearWay scans beyond the road, it is possible to configure the system to identify approaching wildlife such as deer, horses or moose.

The ClearWay Automatic Incident Detection for highways applications is remarkably resilient. It offers great mounting flexibility and can be positioned beside or above the road. It is unaffected by dust and requires no cleaning, or re-calibration meaning that the road does not have to be regularly closed for maintenance. These features contribute to ClearWay’s low a total cost of ownership

Video-based detection can struggle to provide adequate support in all environmental conditions. In some circumstances, heavy precipitation (rain, hail, snow or fog) can severely degrade its performance. Radar works in the non-visible spectrum and is able to provide a long-range detection and monitoring capability in all light and weather conditions.

Clearway Automatic Incident Detection Walk Through