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Automatic Incident Detection


Automatic incident DetectionThe ClearWay Automatic Incident Detection system is an important component of a Smart Highways solution, providing accurate and reliable vehicle tracking and Automatic Incident Detection for roads, bridges and tunnels. The ‘Smart Highways’ concept, enables improved traffic flow and enhanced safety through the effective use of technology. Increasing safety on our motorways and reducing traffic congestion have become major goals for us at Navtech Radar. In the UK alone, more than £2 billion a year is lost due to traffic congestion, not to mention the negative effects on the environment and health.

Automatic Incident Detection

ClearWay’s patented radar technology provides superior detection over other available Automatic Incident Detection technologies.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog
  • Rain and spray
  • Snow
  • Darkness
  • Smoke and hot gasses

Incident Types

  • Stopped vehicle detection
  • Slow or fast vehicle detection
  • Vehicles going the wrong way
  • Pedestrians or animal detection
  • Debris detection
See videos of Automatic Incident Detection in action...

Pedestrian on the highway

Debris on the highway

Automatic Incident Detection in Tunnels

Automatic Incident Detection in fog conditions

Reasons to Specify Radar Based Automatic Incident Detection

  • Low false alarm rate (typically 1 per day per radar)
  • All weather and light level operation
  • Situational awareness before, during and following an incident
  • 5 year service interval with no interim cleaning required
  • Fast response time
  • Accurate vehicle and pedestrian tracking to 25cm
  • Cost effective coverage of road surface up to 1km per radar
  • Easy to configure, rule based alarms

Complete Situational Awareness

Despite the best planning and safety systems, accidents happen. In a tunnel, the effects are magnified and disastrous. Quickly after an incident occurs, the temperature rises, lights go out and the sprinkler system engages. Traditional technologies such as CCTV, are quickly rendered ineffective as images are masked by smoke or failure of the lighting system. Thermal technologies, while good at detecting hotspots, have very limited performance through hot gasses or water spray from the sprinklers.

Radar technology is different. The high frequency 77GHz signal can penetrate complete darkness, the thickest smoke, fire and even the mist from the sprinklers.

Situational Awareness Brochure

Enabling Smart Highways


When something is labelled “Smart” it means that it is able to gather, process and act on data. The ClearWay solution from Navtech Radar monitors traffic flow and gathers huge amounts of data. It processes this in real-time to produce concise information streams and alarms when incidents occur. ClearWay enables a plan view display, projected on to a map, for complete situational awareness. The Smart highway, takes this information and acts on it to improve safety and traffic flow. Whether it is closing lanes following an incident, dispatching a debris clearance team or adjusting variable speed limits, it all begins with the data collected by the ClearWay radar sensors. ClearWay can monitor the entire width of a motorway or detect on a lane by lane basis. Single lanes can be defined to alert operators to incidents whilst ignoring the normal traffic flow on adjacent lanes. Whatever the challenge, a lorry broken-down in a tunnel, a pedestrian walking on the hard shoulder at night or debris on the highway in foggy weather, the control room will receive an alarm in seconds.

ClearWay Brochure