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Finance Assistant Required

Navtech need a dedicated Finance Assistant to support the finance team with their credit control and purchase ledger duties. If you have strong organisational abilities, good attention to detail and a head for figures, please get in touch. As a Finance Assistant you will play an essential part of the finance team which supports all areas of …

Copenhagen Airport Turns 21

The installation of the AdvanceGuard™ security system at Copenhagen Airport marks Navtech’s 21st European airport installation. AdvanceGuard has proved popular with airports as it provides both perimeter and wide area surveillance in all weather and light conditions with a low false alarm rate. The AdvanceGuard security surveillance system …

Protection of Perimeters and Borders are our speciality!

Through radar surveillance and perimeter security our radars are unsurpassed at protecting your border or perimeter. With a constant 360 degree rotation, the radars can scan the entire area and watch what’s happening around you when you cannot. See how it works.    

Norwegian Tunnels Case Study Now Available

As a part of a large Norwegian tunnels refurbishment project, Navtech’s ClearWay™ solution was recommended for its automatic incident detection (AID) abilities for two sites. Based on a number of performance requirements, a detailed market analysis found the ClearWay solution to be the most reliable. See more