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New Industrial Automation Sensor

New Industrial Automation Sensor




Navtech Radar
February 2017

Innovative Radar Solutions That Improve Safety, Security and Efficiency

Navtech Radar’s New Industrial Automation Sensor

Radar Solutions for Security, Highways & Industrial Applications

Having provided outstanding vehicle navigation and anti-collision for over 10 years, the time has come for Navtech Radar’s SafeGuard solution to hang up its boots and make way for a brand new automation sensor. 

The Compact Industrial Radar (CIR) has been specifically designed to produce the same high ranging and detection performance as the i200 series, but with a reduction in size, weight and cost.
It has been developed to be suitable for a wide range of applications and will work 24/7 in all weather, lighting and environmental conditions. Dust, fog, rain or bright sunshine will have no effect on the sensor’s ability to perform, making it a vital addition to your mission critical application. The OEM sensor can be incorporated into a variety of automation systems, and the data provided can be by used software designers to implement an unlimited number of rules.

Optional Onboard Plot Extraction 
Navtech’s software engineers have integrated onboard processing onto the radar’s firmware to allow for higher range resolution and low bandwidth usage. In this mode, the radar will analyse data in real time, extracting plots on each rotation that are above a specified threshold. Messages describing these plots are then sent across the network as they are extracted.SDK for a head start in development
At Navtech Radar, we’ve been interpreting radar data and using it to implement systems for over a decade. We’ve packaged up the source code in both C++ and .Net to enable automation system engineers to easily integrate the sensor’s data into your system.

Lighter  weight, just as robust
By integrating patented radar technology into the CIR, Navtech’s award winning engineers have been able to cut the size and weight of our legacy industrial sensor in half, meaning easier shipping, installation, and maintenance. Built to withstand the harshest of environments, the CIR is deceptively tough.
Operating temperature -20° to +60°C
Vibration resistance IEC EN6100
Impact resistance IEC 60950.1
IP rating IP67


Stock Pile Monitoring with TSA

TSA are an engineering and integrated solutions company providing state of the art automation systems to the likes of mining giant Vale. Whilst implementing a system for the automatic operation of reclaimers in the Port of Ponta da Madeira, TSA identified Navtech’s CIR as the most reliable sensor for the task. The sensor measures the size of the stockpile before and after each pass of a bucket, allowing the system to automatically adjust the reclaimer to the optimal position for maximum performance.
Due to the dusty environment, laser is not reliable enough for such an application, and the CIR’s 360° detection range provided easier installation and maintenance than traditional flat panel sensors.

Bridge monitoring at the Port of Antwerp

In the Port of Antwerp’s pursuit of a fully automated port, system designers sought a sensor that would reliably detect ships on their approach towards bridges. This detection was required over water, 24 hours a day, in all weather and lighting conditions. Susceptible to fog and poor weather conditions, camera technology could not provide such performance, and as such Navtech’s Industrial sensor was selected for a trial.
During the trial, analysis was carried out to determine the number of detections and false alarms incurred, and the system achieved a 100% success rate.


Training from Navtech’s Engineers

We recognise that radar data, and the options surrounding it, may not be familiar to everyone. For us, this is our bread and butter, and we’d like to help you get the most out of using our state of the art sensors in order to develop the best automation system possible.
During the training, based at our UK offices, our engineers will provide an overview of the CIR hardware, an overview of the firmware and an overview of the Software Development Kit to ensure that you have all the tools available to successfully integrate our sensors into your systems.

Loan radar

We have a small number of loan radars that we can lend to you for a nominal monthly fee. The sensor can be used as you wish during this time; whether you want to use it as a tabletop sensor to help with development, to use it for demonstration purposes for customers, or to collect data during a trial, we want to offer you the opportunity to try before you buy.

If you’re interested in the CIR sensor for your next automation project,
get in touch with our sales team or visit our website 
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