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AdvanceGuard innovative security system shortlisted for Benchmark Awards 2017

AdvanceGuard innovative security system shortlisted for Benchmark Awards 2017

Benchmark awards for innovation 2017 - Innovative security system

Navtech Radar’s innovative security system Advanced Guard has been shortlisted for Benchmark Magazine’s 2017 Innovation Award

Navtech Radar have been shortlisted for another award for their innovative security system. Their Advance Guard system has been selected as a finalist for the Benchmark Magazine Innovation Award. This is a fantastic opportunity for this innovative security system to showcase its ability in front of a much wider audience and receive recognition as one of the leaders in the site protection market.

The Benchmark Awards are highly respected in the industry and it’s very promising that AdvanceGuard innovative security system has been included as one of the finalists The team are really grateful for this opportunity and AdvanceGuard will be featured in the autumn edition of the magazine so look out for its page here.

AdvanceGuard Security system:

There are very few radar companies in the world, which can provide radar systems that compare with AdvanceGuard. The systems standards of performance both from a radar and software perspective are award winning. The Navtech AdvanceGuard Solution has been specifically developed to deal with the security pressures of the modern world which undoubtedly puts it in a perfect position to manage the unpredictable threats of the future.

Innovative security system for Airports and critical infrastructure

The fully automatic surveillance system is able to provide the precise location of and automatically track any intruders on a site. It works constantly any time of the day and in all weather conditions. The radar can detect and follow up to 200 unique targets and can predict potential threats before they occur. The software automatically guides CCTV cameras to focus on intruders providing the operator with a close visual of the situation. The pseudo intelligent software system can integrate with your current security systems in place, working alongside both CCTV and thermal cameras. This makes AdvanceGuard cost efficient and extremely effective.

AdvanceGuard sets itself apart from the majority of site protection products through its unrivalled low false alarm rates. For a system with an average of one false alarm a day, there is no comparison to this automatic product. It brings the added benefit of eliminating both expensive manned guarding but also human error. The system provides a much more comprehensive security system capable of managing unfamiliar and expanding threats. See more.

It is reassuring that in a modern world, with an unprecedented level of sophisticated threats, Navtech offers an intelligent security system capable of  identifying and eliminating hazards to infrastructure and critical sites.

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